RS Barcelona

RS Max Foosball Dining Table

8 is the perfect number for playing. 10 is the round number for sitting around our most playful dining table. The RS MAX Dining is the dining table version of our RS MAX football table. With a height of 100 cm (39.4 in), it’s a tall table that will be the center of attraction wherever it stands, whether in a bar, in the common area of a workplace, in the game room of a private dwelling or on a porch. Accompanied by a set of counter-height stools (30″), it creates the perfect setting for meetings and maximum fun around the table. It’s manufactured in high-quality materials in order to withstand intensive use by lots of players, not to mention inclement weather in the case of outdoor use. Its robust structure provides stability for precise, perfect game play. Each color (white, black or green) comes with standard teams. However, the RS MAX is customizable. You can choose your favorite teams and the field color. You can decide whether to have players with legs joined together or two legs. You can have male players, female players or mixed teams, and you can choose the color of their skin. You can even have logos. Design your own RS MAX and make it unique. Can be used indoors or outdoors.

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